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Commercial & Residential Premises Liability Cases

A slip and fall may be caused as a result of the carelessness or negligence of a person in allowing some slippery, unsafe, or hazardous condition or substance exist in a store, place of business, land, or property, and it gives rise to premises liability. Broken sidewalks, steps without a warning sign, torn or loose carpeting, manholes, a change of levels with no caution sign, and uneven ground lead to slip and fall litigation. The owners of the land or property have to take reasonable care to avoid a trip and fall.

Slip & Fall Injury Lawyer

If you are involved in a slip and fall incident, you should:

  • get the names of the owners or managers of the property the slip or fall took place
  • get the names of any witnesses
  • document the scene & injury with pictures
  • save any tarnished clothing or shoes
  • not give any statement to anyone before talking to a lawyer
  • seek medical attention if injured

Slip and fall accidents can happen at residential and commercial properties. It can happen due to unsafe property or road conditions, as well as simply not well maintained properties. It is a businesses responsibility to provide a safe environment for anyone on their premises. If you have been injured due to a slip & fall accident, you may entitled to compensation for your injuries.

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