The Dangers of DWI in Saint Luis

If you are from Saint Luis, then you know about the horrible traffic and you already know that there is a problem with drunk drivers. Well, a problem with drunk drivers can be found anywhere you go because people often forget how dangerous this can be, not just for them, but for all the other drivers who are near them. We have created this article to talk about this issue, our goals are that by talking about it, people might realize just how dangerous it really is. In case you think that driving while intoxicated is not dangerous, then you are out of your mind and you better read this article to see just what are the dangers you are exposing yourself and others too.

Safety of Pedestrians

DWIMost drivers when driving their car or motorcycle, they never think about other people around them, such as the pedestrians who are in some cases walking just right next to the busy roads where people are driving fast. Driving fast your car where you are not supposed to be one problem, but a more dangerous problem than driving fast is driving while intoxicated. The reason why this is dangerous to pedestrians is that they are next to these busy roads and one single mistake from a driver who is intoxicated can end their life forever.

We as drivers must pay more attention to the pedestrians, and if you don’t want to be faulty for someone’s death or injury, then better leave the wheel when you had a few drinks. Our suggestion is that you never turn on the car if you have been exposed to some illegal substances or when you have been drinking. Even one single drink can sometimes be enough to slow down your reaction time behind the wheel.

Car Accidents

Another big danger that you are exposed to when driving intoxicated is that you are likely to get into a car accident, especially when driving in big traffic with a lot of cars around you. You can make the wrong decision or have a slow reaction and the accident can happen in just a blink of an eye.